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Hi, I'm Thom Rigsby. I use business ownership to simplify the path to the life and lifestyle of my dreams! You Can Too!

Thom Rigsby's Bio:

Solutionist - A person who plans, devises or contrives the achievement of a desired result, often in the face of difficult circumstances; one who finds solutions to problems. Over twenty years in the technology and communications field has left Thom Rigsby even more confident in the wisdom of my grandfather. He once told me, "if it was easy, everybody would do it." I look for the hard challenges, crazy problems, and the difficult projects no one else wants. In my career, I have taken on many projects, from very small to very large. With most, I have been fortunate enough to see them succeed and in others I've dealt with their failure. Yet in every one, I have embraced the opportunity with passion and excitement, continually learning so that I never have to surrender to the mediocrity of a "normal" existence. My goal? That's easy. To solve problems, challenge the status quo and help others succeed.

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Thom Rigsby's Interests & Activities:

Business growth, coaching, marketing, Internet marketing, business systems

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